बुधवार, 30 दिसंबर 2009

Unselfishness and Joy

Inside the gateway of unselfishness lies the Elysium of Abiding Joy.

KNOWING this – that selfishness leads to misery, and unselfishness to joy, not merely for one’s self alone – for if this were all how unworthy would be our endeavours ! but for the whole world, and because all with whom we live and come in contact will be the happier and the truer for unselfishness; because Humanity is one, and the joy of one is the joy of all – knowing this, let us scatter flowers and not thorns in the common ways of life – yea, even in the highway of our enemies let us scatter the blossoms of unselfish love – so shall the pressure of their footprints fill the air with the perfume of holiness and gladden the world with the aroma of joy.

Seek the highest Good, and you will taste the deepest sweetest joy.

James Allen

बुधवार, 9 दिसंबर 2009

A pure heart and a righteous life are the great and all important things.

THE deeds and thoughts that lead to suffering are those that spring from self-interest and self-seeking; the thoughts and deeds that produce blessedness are those that spring from Truth. The process by which the mind is thus changed and transmuted is two-fold; it consists of meditation and practice. By silent meditation, the ground and reason of right conduct is sought, and by practice, right-doing is accomplished in daily life.

For Truth is not a matter of book learning, or subtle reasoning, or disputation, or controversial skill; it consists in right-doing.

Truth is not something that can be gleaned from a book; it can be learned and known by practice only.