शनिवार, 24 अप्रैल 2010

I the Lord of Truth, am watching over thee.

Great is the conquest which thou hast entered upon, even the mighty conquest of thyself; be faithful and thou shalt overcome.

DISCIPLE Lead me, O Master! for my darkness is very great!  Will the darkness lift, O Master? Will trial end in victory, and will there be an end to my many sorrows?

Master When thy heart is pure, the darkness will disappear.  When thy mind is freed from passion, thou wilt reach the end of trial, and when the thought of self-preservation is yielded up, there will be no more cause for sorrow. Thou art now upon the way of discipline and purification; all my disciples must walk that way. Before thou canst behold the full glory of Truth, all thy impurities must be purged away thy delusions all dispelled, and thy mind fortified with endurance. Relax not thy faith in Truth; forget not that Truth is eternally supreme; remember that I the Lord of Truth, am watching over thee.

Be faithful and endure, and I will teach thee all things.  

शुक्रवार, 23 अप्रैल 2010

Be glad

Be glad and not sorrowful, all ye who love Truth! For your sorrows shall pass away, like the mists of the morning.

DISCIPLE: Teacher of teachers, instruct Thou me.

Master: Ask, and I will answer.

Disciple: I have read much, but am ignorant still; I have studied the doctrines of the schools, but have not become wise thereby; I know the scriptures by heart, but peace is hidden from me. Point out to me, O Master! the way of knowledge. Reveal to me the highway of Divine wisdom; lead Thou Thy child into the path of peace.

Master: The way of knowledge, O Disciple! Is by searching the heart; the highway of wisdom is by the practice of righteousness; and by a sinless life, is found the way of peace.

Behold where Love Eternal rests concealed!

(The deathless Love that seemed so far away!)

E’en in the lowly heart; it stands revealed

To him who lives the sinless life today.