शुक्रवार, 27 नवंबर 2009

Self-discipline and the process of Purification

The Rock of Ages, the Christ within, the divine and immortal in all men!

AS a man practices self-control he approximates more and more to the inward reality, and is less and less swayed by passion and grief, pleasure manifesting manly strength and fortitude. The restraining of the passions, however, is merely the initial stage in self-discipline, and is immediately followed by the process of Purification. By this a man so purifies himself as to take passion out of the heart and mind altogether; not merely restraining it when it rises within him, but preventing it from rising altogether. By merely restraining his passions a man can never arrive at peace, can never actualize his ideal; he must purify these passions.

It is in the purification of his lower nature that a man becomes strong and godlike.

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  1. the term 'self-discipline' and purification' just i hv thought after ur post. you are absolutely right, without descipline, u can not even imagine about your purification and self-improvement..!
    your writing is appealing and simply awesome...bhai..!!!

    pls eliminate the 'word-verification' condition from your comment box, that would be then easy to write comments.

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