शुक्रवार, 23 अप्रैल 2010

Be glad

Be glad and not sorrowful, all ye who love Truth! For your sorrows shall pass away, like the mists of the morning.

DISCIPLE: Teacher of teachers, instruct Thou me.

Master: Ask, and I will answer.

Disciple: I have read much, but am ignorant still; I have studied the doctrines of the schools, but have not become wise thereby; I know the scriptures by heart, but peace is hidden from me. Point out to me, O Master! the way of knowledge. Reveal to me the highway of Divine wisdom; lead Thou Thy child into the path of peace.

Master: The way of knowledge, O Disciple! Is by searching the heart; the highway of wisdom is by the practice of righteousness; and by a sinless life, is found the way of peace.

Behold where Love Eternal rests concealed!

(The deathless Love that seemed so far away!)

E’en in the lowly heart; it stands revealed

To him who lives the sinless life today.

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